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For the 10th anniversary of Fdtrans foundation, on November 24th 2018, the management and all staffs have celebrated the company’s memorable and cherish birthday.

Fdtrans is a freight forwarding company, headquartered in Da Nang City and the 10-year in this field  is not too short but enough for the company to make a good mark and impression. It shown in the trust and support of customers through valuable contracts, successful transboundary transactions, promises of cooperation in the future. And now Fdtrans has been a Hope’ home for all members of the company – Directors with staff, manager with employees and employees with co- worker  connected by: HOPE -hope to bring the best service, the most peace of mind for customers, put Fdtrans into “The right choice will become the absolute right.”

The 10th anniversary of this company is really deeply, it is a chance for everyone to gather and look back on the journey that has been made and has not been done yet and to make new thing in the future. Difficulties ahead are still many but Fdtrans will do, everything is possible. And five years later, on the 15th anniversary of our founding, we will certainly see a new Fdtrans with another presence, growing and furthering along with the country’s integration and development trend. Each of us is dedicated to contributing our young, talented to the development of a solid Fdtrans with time.

After celebrating 10th anniversary, all FDT employees are looking forward, believing that the FDT will continue to grow in subsequent celebrations.

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